Dorothy's Central Loft Apartments


Warsaw, Hoza 35 street

Dorothy's Central Loft Apartments

Inspired by the post-industrial look of the loft apartments of downtown New York, the studios are designed with care to offer a space that is as versatile as it is comfortable. To make sure that it looks and feels just like a beautiful home.

Each appartment has its own outside entrance door, large windows overlooking our plants and the patio, kitchen area and ensuite bathroom. The wi-fi is a steady 17 Mbit and if you connect to a LAN socket you can use 25 Mbit speed.

You can walk to the apartments from the Central Railway Station or take bus 131 from the city bus terminal in front of the station. It is just two bus stops.

LOCAAAATION!!!! You are totally central!!! But at the same time each of the studios is a very cool and quiet space. You can feel the real Warsaw atmosphere. Everything You need is just around the corner :) Enjoy!


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